We follow the process below as part of our custom WordPress development process, to ensure that we have a good understanding of your requirements and to design the perfect website for your business.

Research & Analysis

First, we discuss the details of your business/ start-up to determine the goals for the website from different perspectives. Then, we will evaluate the existing site, if you have one, to see how we can incorporate existing materials into the new site. Finally, we will perform a competitive analysis to ensure your website will stand out from the competition.

Conceptual Design

At this stage we will discuss overall style and graphic requirements and make necessary recommendations. Then, we will plan the design/ architecture of the site and sketch out a rough outline.

Site Build / WordPress development

We will then start building the site as per your requirements and run usability tests frequently. We will make improvements as per the results and keep adding pages/ functionality to the site till our initial design goals are met.

Final Test

We will run functionality and usability tests and use the results to improve the site till you are satisfied with the end product.

Launch and Maintenance

We will launch the website and collect feedback from actual users. Based on initial feedback, we will make any major design improvements, if needed.

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